Global Capital Diversity (GCD) represents a new approach to two-way strategic investment, trade and management consulting services. We are particularly well-placed to service the needs of partners looking to strengthen and develop Sino-Australian trade and investment opportunities, providing assistance on all aspects of business in Australia and China.

The key to GCD’s success is bound in its unique market insights, expertise and well-established network of contacts not only within Australia and China, but across the globe. GCD brings together not only a highly-specialized team of executives, but a board of directors with a wealth of experience in building successful global brands of their own and unrivalled strategic advice and management expertise.

By applying this in-depth business and cultural knowledge to all our business partnerships and projects, we ensure highly strategic and successful long-term capital growth.

In line with its business strategy, GCD remains at the forefront of its field by continually developing and/or identifying unique opportunities across a diverse range of market segments in order to maximize the clients’ investment as well as shareholder value. These segments include but are not limited to: