Global Capital Diversity’s (GCD) core strategy and business model revolves around identifying and facilitating development from China in Australia and vice-versa.
Our highly experienced and heavily networked board of directors and executives based in Australia and in China has the ability to identify, create and maximize unique business and investment opportunities across a diverse range of segments. These investments and projects are sourced based on current market conditions, regulatory environment and in-depth market insights attained over many years.
GCD also assists Australian companies looking to do business in China and provides management and advisory services to select business partners interested in investment opportunities in Australia. GCD works very closely with key legal and migration partners to ensure our clients investment success.
Property investment and development opportunities represent one of the key strategic platforms in GCD’s business model of facilitating and nurturing long-term Sino-Australian capital growth partnerships.
While there is a focus on inward investment into Australia, GCD also offers strategic advice and ancillary services to a number of Chinese-based corporates looking to establish large-scale trade and property projects with a requirement to market its services globally.
Apart from undertaking property investments of its own, GCD also facilitates and/or partners with Chinese based clients looking to access property investment opportunities in Australia. We offer 360 degree, beginning to end services such as sourcing and identification of potential projects, market research and analysis, feasibility studies, property marketing and all legal services.

Agribusiness is currently one of the fastest growing investment industries in Australia. With trade figures set to triple by 2017, GCD has identified a unique opportunity for high net-worth Chinese investors and companies to take advantage of a market set to boom. GCD actively engages in strategic agribusiness investments and establishes joint ventures between Australian and overseas corporations.
With well-established contacts in Australia’s agribusiness sector, GCD is able to assist foreign companies, especially from Asia, looking to either trade in Australian agri-products or to participate in strategic investment within the industry supply channel. GCD boasts a wealth of knowledge and expertise across all agribusiness channels in Australia and provides solid strategic advice to overseas companies looking for premium agri-products in the meat & livestock industry to agrichemicals, breeding, crop production (fruits and vegetables), distribution, farm machinery, processing, and seed supply.We are also well-established to service increased demand in developing markets across Asia and China specifically.
Apart from facilitating sourcing partnerships between overseas investors and Australian farmers producing world-class agriculture renowned for its international food safety standards, GCD also assists overseas agribusiness investors looking for accredited farm management and/or training services.
Import and export trade and corporate services form the final arm of Global Capital Diversity’s (GCD) framework of activities.   While GCD currently engages in the import and export of a whole range of goods and services between Australia and China as part of its strategic investment model, it also assists both Australian and overseas companies to facilitate two-way business partnership opportunities to do the same.
Whether it be Australian companies seeking to reach into overseas markets, or businesses in China looking to step foot into the Australian market, GCD provides the very best strategic consulting services to maximize unique trade opportunities.
GCD provides the highest quality market entry research, insights and business development services to companies looking to connect with overseas partners. We also provide specialist corporate services in the form of strategic thinking and advice, management consulting as well as networking channels and access to key industry associations, government agencies and/or officials.
Services offered include but are not limited to: Specialist consulting advice to commercial operators in China and Australia looking to engage in import/export trade service; Market entry research and planning; Management consulting and strategic corporate advice andJoint venture facilitation services.